Thursday, June 08, 2006

Everyday Life @ Home

6.5 Month Old Portrait of myself
On a regular day like this, I'd thought I'd share what I normally get up to at home.
I wake up at 7am, go for a potty break, and then come back to Mum and Dad's bed, to snuggle with the pack. If Mum isn't going to grooming training, we get to sleep in till 7.30am or 8am. Then we wake up and have breakfast. Mum sometimes feeds me breakfast (sometimes its Lunch), normally we do a bit of obedience training for 5 mins. We go for our daily hour morning walk. When we get home, we play some more. After that, she does house chores in the kitchen and I play on my own. Sometimes in the back yard, sometimes indoors. It depends on my mood. This is an example of what I'm up to in the backyard.

I get to play with many toys indoors as well

Burying my white soft toy in the backyard in a deep hole I dug

Chewing on a stick which I picked up on a hike
Chilling out in Mum's study while she does chores

Then late morning, while Mum is on her computer, I take a nap in her study, but always after I chew on a bone or toy. Mum does her ironing of the laundry, check her email, etc. Lunch time means a bit more training and then some more play time. Then depends on whether we need to go out to do some errands, Mum pops into the back of the car, and off I go for a car ride and more thrills. Sometimes we head to our favorite dog park (Bark Park in Issaquah Highlands) and then I get to play and socialize with buddies of mine. Learning Doggie manners is very important for me to be well balanced. Mum makes sure I don't play too rough with the young pups, or with other dogs. She touches me at my side, and goes "Hey". And I obey her, otherwise I get time out.

When we get home, its dinner time. Mum prepares the food and we wait for Dad to come home. When he comes home, Mum hears the garage door opening, and then she looks at me and says "Oh, its Daddy! Kimi, go find Daddy", and then off I go. I wag my tail left and right, and sway my body to show Daddy how much I missed him today. How much I adore him because he is my alpha. And how I love the scent of him. Daddy plays with me some. Then he gets changed, and off we go for our 3 mile run. (But this happens only 3 times per week) Then we have our dinner, and Mum feeds me my food after they've eaten.
In the evenings, Mum trains me one more time for 5 mins, and then we play a bit. We watch TV together, or they are at their computers again. My parents and their computers... sigh...
2 more toilet breaks in the evening and one more before we head to dreamland, and I'm a happy boy. Very satisfied with life. What more could I ask for?


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