Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Entertainment with the Chows

Me in the garden, with a piece of long scotch tape which I found somewhere
Seems like my parents do a lot of entertaining friends, and when they have a braai (barbeque in South African) , two Chow Chows, Kita and Dee Dee come to visit and play too. Kita is the younger sister, but she is the alpha bitch and Dee Dee is more submissive. Dee Dee although being older, is smaller in stature and less outgoing. They come from South Africa, and belong to my daddy's friends who were from SA, and now live in Washington near us. Kita is the black chow, and Dee Dee is beige. They have been clipped for the summer weather.

I am very respectful of Kita, because she lets me know she's the alpha bitch around here, although this is MY garden. I follow Kita almost everywhere she goes.

3 of us, waiting for treats to fall off the counter

I tried to show them how much fun it would be, to rip out the plastic from the logs, but they just wouldn't join in the devillish fun. I looked at them, with yearning hope in my eyes, hoping they'd play, but no luck.

Then my neighbour Toby popped his head over the fence and said hi. We all went for a quick update at the fence, and I introduced him to my Chow friends. I think Toby wished he was over to play with us.


Kita and DeeDee, with their parents and Dad's friends

Play bowing by Dee Dee. Finally I got the old lady to play with me.

"Hi Kita, you wanna play with me? I'm only a puppy, see I stay lower than you"

Play biting with Kita. I am chewing on her tail, but also keeping an eye on her, so I can make a quick dash if she decides to discipline me. Kita says younger pups like me must learn some respect for the elder dogs.

I'm totally responsible for the broken branches and dying trees and shrubs in my parents yard. Wait a minute, MY yard.

With Mum, I can barely fit in her lap now, I'm fast approaching the 7 month birthday
More playing with the 2 Chow sisters

Chilling out and tired


At 5:47 PM, Blogger kelly said...

kimi! you are getting so big!
what a handsome boy you are...only 4 weeks till we get to pick up our girl!


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