Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bone in Poop

For those of you who are already adventurous like me, and brave enough to eat Raw Meaty Bones, let your parents know that occassionally, finding a bone fragment or two in your poop is totally normal, no harm done. As long as there isn't any blood or mucus, it should be fine. And also, finding pieces of bark, roots, grass, small pebbles, and things you have in your backyard is normal too. By now, most of you would have realized that the normal type of poop is white (after you leave it out in the sun for an afternoon). Your parents must be so thrilled to pick up after you, because it is so easy to clean up. No smell, no mush, no fuss. I know my Mum is. Even if your parents pick up after you immediately after you do your business, at least its firm and hard most of the time. Sometimes, I still get the wet stuff, but its still better to be on this Prey Model Diet.
Sometimes, she deliberately leaves the poop out in the yard for a day, just so that they'll turn white and she has something nice to look at while she picks it up. Yup, she said at least they're not black or brown (reminds her too much of her own poop I guess). Picking up white poop is so much more pleasant than picking up black or brown poop.


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