Saturday, April 18, 2009

Changing the Brakes

Its been many weeks since I last updated my blog, and I apologize to all my friends who have been reading and hoping for an update. Mum has been busy, getting ready to go on a long road trip to Sacramento California, and I got to go with her, so I haven't had much access to a computer. But before we could go, we had to go to the car mechanic to get her old brakes changed out.
Here's me, saying hi to Ali, the manager of the mechanic shop. He was very friendly and professional.

There was a bird in his reception area, and I barked at the cage. I wanted to eat it, but Mum said, "Enough" and I had to cut it out.
When we had to leave the car there, I got to ride in Rob's beat up old truck. I get to sit next to him whenever we ride in his truck.

We ride in his truck when we go to the dump, and when we have to run errands that include big messy things, so we put it all at the back. Its quite stinky at the back, and I don't like sitting out there in the wind all by myself anyway. Rob likes it much better when I keep him company. I ride very well in all kinds of vehicles. My Mum used to have a jeep, and I had to be strapped in and wear doggles too when we were driving around with the top off. It was cool and breezy.

So off we go on our big adventure.



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