Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Won't Believe it! More Snow!

More Snow.
We woke up one morning and was shocked to see the whole yard full of snow. We had at least half a foot of snow fall overnight out of nowhere. It was so pretty, I dashed out and bounced around the white stuff with all my enthusiasm, and glee was written all over my face.
See my glee?

Hey Mum, are you going to keep taking photos of me, or are we actually gonna play?

So I decided to chew on my cherry tree. Note how I say it is MY cherry tree, and not Rob's. I don't think Rob would be very happy if he saw me doing this... Mum didn't say anything.

On snowy days, I love to dig my face into the holes and grooves, because you never know what you're going to find. I've seen a couple of grey mice running around my yard and I know they're hiding in there. I don't think they like snow too much if you ask me...

Maybe the mice are all sleeping, "Hey mice, come out to play"

Nope, I didn't get to catch any mice. I'm supposed to be a ratter dog, but I suck at it. Even Nanny Lydia thinks I suck at hunting. Not much of a prey drive she says...

Chewing on an old foxglove shoot next to MY apple tree

Who goes there? My job is to survey the grounds of my property and pee on all the trees and shrubs. Just because it snowed doesn't mean I get to slack on the job.

By afternoon, most of the snow had melted with the rain, but something else came and bothered us. WIND!! Yup, we had quite a wind storm for an hour or so, and the trees outside swayed like they were doing the Waltz. It was so windy, that the power got cut. We didn't have power, and Mum got nervous because she's a city girl from Singapore, and back there, the power NEVER went out. So it was a big deal that the power for us got cut.

To calm Mum's nerves, Rob had to go and start the generator. It was this big black box and it made a crazy loud noise. "Poof" out came this huge amount of stinky black smoke and it started running like an engine. I went out and supervised Rob on the job, and made sure everything was in place. I wasn't scared at all that afternoon. Hmm... but I could definitely sense that Mum was a bit nervous. After the power generator worked, Mum felt much better knowing the food wasn't going bad in the fridge and freezers.

Amazing how the snow just disappeared in a matter of hours. The wind died down too.
What an interesting day it was!



At 1:59 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

Your snow looks wonderful to us, Kimi! We hate to see winter coming to an end! We just love the snow!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch


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