Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Capitol Hill

How many of you have been to Capitol Hill in Seattle?
My Mum likes to go there because that's where the 'freaks' hang out. Well, not really freaks freaks!! Just people who love to challenge the norm and convention. Let's say you have people dressed up in goth walking around when it isn't Halloween. There's the man with the full head of purple hair at the corner, and the woman with so many piercings, it is difficult locating her skin.
I like going to Capitol Hill because there is always something strange to see. There are many more homeless people here, but they're quite friendly. There are many odd shops and strange people in strange clothes, so it's very fascinating for me to observe them.

Rob and I walking along the main st (Broadway) on a cloudy Seattle day.

See if you can spot the Seattle Space Needle in the background. It's very small from where we were standing.

We went to Cap Hill right after the Seattle Dog Show, but so much was happening at the show, that Mum forgot to take any pics of me at the event. We were there to see Ruffian's show handler, and get Ruffian assessed for his coat, and Mum had to be there to go through the coat discussion with him. We were the most handsome Airedales there, and it's a real shame Mum didn't take our picture together.



At 7:08 PM, Blogger connie said...

Kimmie you and ur mommy were close to my work and my daddys store. you MUST stop by one day I've been telling all my friends at work about what a good groomer ur mommy is so you have to stop by the next time your on the hill k?


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