Monday, January 07, 2008

Visiting Relatives

It is great having loved ones and family visit. Mum originally came from Singapore, I've often seen how she misses her family from back home, so when her parents and sis came to visit us, it was amazing to see her so very happy. Mum said that family is important, we must never forget our roots, we must always be grateful for those who love us. There is nothing thicker than blood.
Playing with Auntie Teresa, Mum's younger sis. Giving her a "high 5" was easy.
From left, Aunt Teresa, Grandpa and Grandma (Mum's parents). My grandparents from my Daddy's side haven't had a chance to visit us from South Africa. They are German, so I'll have to call them Opa and Oma.

Posing happily with Aunt Teresa at Halloween

Although we have beloved family and friends visiting us, we also have other kinds of guests that aren't invited. There are slugs that turn up in my backyard every now and then. They seem to enjoy sunbathing in MY backyard, but I'm not too keen on them taking up my sunbathing spot. I see them on my hikes and walks, they lie on the pavements and in the grass, so why don't they just stay there?

Sitting with Mummy, studying a big slug in my favorite spot, out on the patio. Mum said I had to share my backyard with friendly creatures. In this photo, she's having a 'talk' with me about the loveliness of creation and how slugs are good.... (but not for eating). She said she never ever wanted to touch one, or drag one out of my mouth, so I shouldn't even go there (go where Mummy?).
The Big slug that overtook my backyard one sunny afternoon. I ignore slugs on my walks and hikes. They like coming out in spring and summer, when it isn't too cold. Never tried eating one, and I don't think I will start.


At 1:34 PM, Blogger Finni said...

Hi Kimi,
We have something in common - an Oma and an Opa! My mum is German too.
By the way slugs don't taste very nice, earthworms are pretty good. When I was a pup it took me all afternoon once to scrape a dried one from the concrete. Don't touch frogs tho', I did once and it made me sick! They're yuck!
Your friend
Finni xx

At 8:41 PM, Blogger Kimi Wagner said...

Hi Finni, I went to your blog and saw that you had been to my blog before and saw that I had been switched to raw food. I'm glad I managed to kick Mum's butt into putting up those photos and postings. Glad that helped your human. I think I should convince Mum into posting a week of my diet.

PS I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but when I clicked 'submit' it didn't appear. Happened more than once.


At 4:49 PM, Blogger teresa said...

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At 4:50 PM, Blogger teresa said...

Hi Kimi Boy.

I loved and enjoyed my visit in 2006 and 2007! You are an amazing dognephew. I miss and love you loads.
I miss your parents too. How I wish I could visit more often.

Take care of your Mummy for me.

and *high fives*
Aunt Teresa.


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