Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snowshoeing at Lake Wenatchee

Here are more photos of me having fun in the snow. As I've previously mentioned, winter is a great time for fun in the Northwest. This time, we were headed for Lake Wenatchee, about 30min away from Leavenworth. Can you see my smile? I'm having a blast running with Daddy in the snow.
When I walked down to the side of the stream, leading to the river, Mum started to worry. She saw that I was really close to the edge of the deep running river of currents, and was afraid I might have lost my footing and fall in. Who would save me then? Daddy?

Mum started yelling for me, "Kimi! Kimi! Come here NOW!" Her tone was no-nonsense and so I abandoned the river and went to her side, and got a treat for it, but "really Mummy, I wasn't going to fall in, don't worry".

A jaw-droppingly beautiful sight along Lake Wenatchee

Taking a much needed break with Daddy, plonked down on the snow

Where there are treats, an Airedale is never too far away. I'm with Mum's best friend, Pat (in red) and his partner Wan, both from Singapore.

And did I mention that I love the snow?

At the end of the each snowy day, this is what I have to put up with, before I am allowed into the moving crate (aka car). Mum steadies me, and both of them are removing snow clumps. Dad actually uses a snow scraper to try to get those clumps out from my furnishings. Mum is always concerned and reminds Dad not to pull out any of my furnishings, and there's always the grumpy voice of my dad "#%$(%$(%&".

A beautiful profile view of my icicle beard

When we returned to the hotel room, I snuggled close to Daddy and got some lovin'. His constant strokes put me to sleep, and his hug and affection keep me feeling protected and warm. I love my Daddy. And Daddy loves me. Can you see?

In downtown Leavenworth with my parents

I would definitely put my paws up for Lake Wenatchee.


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