Thursday, January 03, 2008

Road Trip Down the Oregon Coast

I love taking road trips with my family. In the autumn of 2006, Mummy's parents and sis (Aunt Teresa) came to visit us here in Seattle. We took a road trip down to Morro Bay to visit my breeder and then took a long nice drive back up to Washington via the Coast, we traveled all the way from Monterey Bay in California up to San Francisco, and then all the way up to North California to see the Giant Redwoods, and then up the coast to Oregon and it was so beautiful everywhere we went. Mum and me
Hello, me with Granma Rose, and Aunt Teresa
I ride very well in cars, I think of it as a moving crate. I don't get carsick, and I never have accidents in the car. Well, except for that one time when I had diarrhea and my parents left me in the car while they skiied at Stevens Pass (but this is another whole story). I can ride in the car for hours on end, provided we stop every now and then for a pee/poop stop. Even Mummy gets tired too from all the concentrated driving.

On a break from driving. I play chase with Mummy on the beach in Oregon.

In the Giant Redwood forest of North California

Laying in the middle of a giant tree trunk that fell.

The beautiful Oregon Coast

In the middle of Chinatown in San Francisco. Mum said we had to go there at least once for a visit. She is Singaporean Chinese after all. I went everywhere with the family. I walk very well in the city, big crowds, loud honky cars, traffic signs, nothing fazes me.

Next to those stinky Chinese herbs and odd herbal remedies. Thank goodness, Mum doesn't force me to eat Chinese medicine. She said its not the nicest tasting stuff.

Front of the Apple store in San Fran city. Mum is a techie, so is Daddy. We had to visit.

On the road again

Catching the waves


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