Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Series of Comical Shots

Here are a series of random pics taken over the last 2 years of my fun filled life.
Picture of my dead rabbit
I caught it and half ate it. Mum and Dad found me in the backyard with it.
Fooling around with an old flat tyre

My no 1 greatest pleasure - shredding cardboard legally in the house.

Now you see them balloons,
Now you don't.
Who stole Mum's tub of Lucerne Cream Cheese?


That's not even the scariest thing I had to deal with, how about a human skull?

One afternoon, I came down to the living room to find a very strange and scary human skull lying in the middle of my domain. Mum was just standing there with the camera as usual, so I had to figure this thing out.. was it gonna hurt us? Where's the body?
Eventually, I poked at it, nudged it and sniffed and investigated. Finally I decided it was safe enough for us to play with it, and when I was just starting to, Mum decided it was time to hang it outside to scare the kids for Halloween..

But I must say... I lead a very interesting life here in Seattle.


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