Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fall means Golden Leaves

Ok, I know this post is a little outdated, but I've got to be grateful that my mum is even bothering to put this up.. (Mum, you better buck up, my fans are missing me). She's actually in South Africa at this precise moment, having a mini holiday visiting Dad's relatives. And I'm with Aunt Lydia, my Nanny, I live with her everytime Mum and Dad leave town. I don't mind cos I get to play most of the day with Alice and Dave. (Both also Airedales)

Last fall, which was Oct 2007, there were days when the Sun actually shone its mighty rays in Seattle. Yes, it actually was beautiful!! I couldn't resist getting Mum to go out there with all the golden leaves and crisp fresh air.Me, posing nicely for Mum

Running with a ball in my mouth, playing Catch with Mum


Is that a mice I see? Food!!

Of course, I still eat raw food, but Mum's also been giving me scraps, like fat in the proscuitto ham, apple bits, pizza edges, random stuff. Thanks Mum! My health has been wonderful, except for stupid accidents that happen to an active dale like myself.
Running at the park

One time (in band camp.. no just kidding), I got some sharp object like a piece of wood or something stuck at the back of my mouth. It must have given me an ulcer but then it got bad and it turned into a wound, and my mouth hurt so bad I jammed it shut. Dad got so worried that he rushed me to the emergency room. He thought I wasn't going to make it. It turned out, the vet had to flush the wound and I slowly got better again. All this time, Mum was in Singapore, visiting her family, and Dad and Aunt Lydia decided to keep it from her. When she got back to Seattle, she was so sad, she cried. That was also when the vet tech shaved off my fur on my leg and that upset Mum too, but that's another story.
Can you see my tongue lopping off to the side?

Another time, when I was playing at the river with Dave and Alice, with Aunt Lydia, I cut my left front paw really badly. It bled so much, I made Aunt Lydia's house look like it was a scene out of CSI. She used super glue and glued the wound shut... what a smart woman.. and when Mum and Dad came back from their ski holiday in Whistler, they weren't too concerned cos I actually healed nicely.

So far so good. My injuries do happen due to my active exploits, but stool samples and blood samples show I am as healthy and dandy as a young active Airedale could be. Wonderful.


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