Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Good Life

I really should come online and just give thanks for all the blessings in my life. Christmas came and now is gone, and a new year in 2008 has just begun. I am engulfed with love, from my parents, Aunt Lydia, all my doggie friends, my trainers in Doggie school (Cascadek9) and my grandparents too. I lead a wonderful pampered life, I have all the toys a doggie could want, and eat all the delicious good raw food. I thank God for creating this beautiful universe that I live in and for giving me, my Daddy and Mummy.I won't question too much about the purpose of life, I'll just live my life today, as it is. Que Sera Sera
Paying attention to Daddy in a "Watch" command. (A "watch" command means I look at his eyes and not flinch or lose concentration)

Taking a short hike with Daddy in the woods right behind our house, in the Cougar Mt Wildlife Reserve.

Pooped out me, sleeping in my crate, with my favorite comfort blankie. I've had this same blankie since I was 8 weeks old. (See comfort blankie below, I am in the car on the return trip from my breeder in Ca, I am only 8 wks old)


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