Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snowshoeing with My Mates

In Washington, there are many things to do in the winter. Sure, sitting by the fireplace and chewing a nice kong is neat, gazing at the Christmas tree with all the lights is nice, but part of the fun of winter is outdoors too. In summer, those of us who love the outdoors head out to hike, camp and backpack long distances. And in winter, we snowshoe and hike in the snow. Almost the same thing, except much more tiring.
With Daddy.
My family.
Some people say that a healthy Airedale really doesn't need to wear any coat (unlike those puny chihuahuas), because our tough wiry harsh coats should be water-repellent to some extent, and should be sufficient in keeping us warm. However, when you have a Mum that handstrips you right in the middle of winter (so that you look good in Christmas photos), you've got to re-assess what the experts say.

Me and my crazy Mum who handstrips me till I am body-bald in the middle of winter.

Check out those snow lumps stuck to my leg furnishings... and on my beard
My galpal Sophie and her parents (Rae, Andrew) join us for a snow hike. Sophie wears a red coat, almost similar to mine. Since we spend at least 5-6 hours exposed to the cold winds and snow, it really does make a difference that we're wearing coats. We are able to stay out longer and still have fun.

Waiting patiently for Rae, to hand out those good treats during a break.

Family portrait

Dad routinely brushes off the clumps of snow from my legs. They just keep sticking to me.

Me and Sophie
Me, Daddy and Sophie. We are hiking in the Leavenworth area, there are a lot of open woods and streams and hidden treasures out in the Stevens Pass area.

Fall in line..

Close-up view of Sophie's big black nose.

Wonder when we'll be heading out to the snow again...


At 6:41 PM, Blogger raecatherine said...

whee, that was a fun trip. sadly, andrew and i haven't been able to make as often this year over to leavenworth.


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