Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Typical Day at Nanny Lydia's Home

A typical day at Aunty Lydia's home in Seattle means play, play, play, eat, and sleep. I love going to my Nanny's home, because she has 2 Airedales of her own, Alice turns 9 and she is the queen, and then there's Dave, who is just as fun-loving as I am. Cedar goes to Aunt Lydia's house 2-3 times a week for daysitting, and he's a sheltie. My girlfriend Sophie also goes to Aunt Lydia's home for camp, when her parents go out of town. Sophie is ball-crazier than me.
Aunt Lydia prepares to throw a kong in her backyard, and everyone watches and waits. From left, Lydia, Dave, Sophie, me (with butt facing camera) and Cedar.
Time to run, who's going to catch it first?

Woohoo!! Life's great at Nanny Lydia's camp. That's me at the back, smiling and catching up with Sophie.
Posing nicely for treats and the camera. From left, Cedar, my galpal Sophie, me, Dave and Alice.

Mum and Dave

Mum loves to be around Airedales. We're spunky, beautiful, intelligent and comical. Mum always says, "A good Airedale is a trained Airedale." Well, at Camp Lydia's we do obedience training in our daily activities too, we practice offleash long distance recall, sits, downs, stays, and we learn how to behave around other dogs. We don't get treats for free either, we have to work for them.

Abundant toys lay around the house for us, indoor toys, outdoor toys, toys with squeaks, toys that bounce, toys that fly, even toys that sing too. From left, Sophie with the bouncy ball thingy in her mouth, me playing tug with Dave, and Cedar.

Next fun game, catch the water from the hose. Look at sneaky Dave at the bottom right of the picture. I'm jumping up.

Dave at the hose

Sharing a hose with my best buds
Cedar's thing is trying to pounce on the spot where the water hits the ground. I've always thought Cedar is odd. Sometimes I gang up with Dave and we herd and hunt him. But Cedar sure is fast. He zooms around and we can never catch him.

A beautiful group picture of us all nicely sitting on the porch.


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