Thursday, January 03, 2008

Winter Wonderland in Seattle

When winter comes, I always have a ball of a time. I absolutely ADORE snow, yes, I LOVE snow!! It is heaps of fun to bounce around in snow, pounce on snow, roll in snow, and eat snow.
During the snowstorm in Jan 06, Seattle was hit hard, and my neighbourhood, which is in the foothills on Mt Cougar was not spared. The snow came on suddenly, and within a few short hours, the whole neighbourhood was covered in a deadly quiet snowfall.
That's me in the backyard, enjoying the snow as it was coming down. Oh how lovely!
I liked it so much out there, I decided to eat my chicken dinner out on the snow. I had chicken thighs for dinner (from Costco).
When I woke up the next morning, it was just white white white everywhere. I kept surveying my domain, and wondered when Mum would let me out to play, but she said it was too grey and miserable to be out playing. I prayed to God to let the sun shine its rays, and then the sun came out at last!!
It was brilliant, I smiled from ear to ear, and hopped all over the neighbourhood. Well, there was so much snow, all the cars couldn't really move. So the dogs came out to play.
Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Who! Who!
It is really rare that me and my doggie friends get to run around offleash on the streets, so you could just imagine, we were going WILD!!
I could barely contain my joyous sprint, I ran here, I ran there, I ran everywhere. It was simply marvelous.

The next most wonderful thing about being able to run around wildly is this -
Sniffing around the snow is delightful. So many strange smells under there...

I patrolled all around my house and backgarden, and then I found the most unexpected surprise!! My long lost red kong!!
Look Mum!! See what I found lying under the bush, under all that snow! My red kong!!

The nicest things happen when you least expect it.

Life is a beautiful thing, Mum says we live in a beautiful world, and there is such wonder all around, we just need to open our eyes to see.

Prodding around in the snow, while Mum watches over me..

Chasing a snowball down a slope behind my backyard. Woopee!

Hey Mummy, look at me, I'm running on the ice. This is fun!! Mum didn't want to run like me, she kept slipping and sliding - See, another reason why dog paw pads are much better than shoes.

This past year in 2007, we've had only 2 snowfalls in my neighbourhood. One fell in Nov, and then it snowed on Christmas Day. We actually had a wintery White Christmas. I love Christmas.
When all the playing in the snow was over, I was a very happy and content Airedale, laying in the warm kitchen with my kong (which I found in the snow).


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Connie said...

Hi Kimmy its Connie and Kisses here:). Hold on Kisses wants to tell you something. Hi Kimmy (wag's tail) I got a pretty red kong too but its not all white... Whats that white stuff huh huh huh? You should get your mom to come over to my house with you so we can play HUH HUH HUH ( WAG'S TAIL HARDER)


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