Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Tractor Monster

This is the Tractor Monster. It makes a very loud noise and buzzes around the property, and strangely enough, Mum and Rob take turns, controlling it, making it stop, making it go, making it obey. I can see, they are working very hard to obedience train the tractor monster, but I'm not scared of it at all.
I would follow Rob while he is on the tractor, keeping a close eye on him, and making sure everything is well.
And as you can see, Mum has started handstripping my saddle. Oh, what a relief, it is much cooler with all that thick coat off my back. And just in time too, cos the heat is really unbearable nowadays. Imagine, the temperature is only in the 90s and we Seattlelites are already suffering from heatstroke.



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