Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loc Aire Visit with Bro

Its been a while since I last posted, please excuse me for being MIA. I am very behind in my posts, as I injured my paw at a recent clamming trip on the beach. I was chasing the seagulls just for the heck of it, and I tore my paw pad open. I didn't really feel it when it happened, but when we got home, Mum was shocked to see the car bed stained with blood. Upon investigation, we found my paw torn open, and I had to be "restful" for many days. So nothing happened during this time - hence lack of activity on the blog.

But before I had my paw mishap, I had the great opportunity to visit LocAire Kennel with my brother Ruffian. He and his mum came to visit me so we could drive together. This blog entry shows the first time he ever came to my house. What a change. I bet he likes the country life too. Lots of trees and shrubs to pee on.
Ruffian and I peeing on bushes and trees. We're also taking turns marking over each other's pee spots.
Investigating each others pee scent, and associating the scent with each other. Umm... so this is what you had for dinner Ruff.... can you smell my dinner too?
Me looking over at Ruffian while he overmarks my spot. Ruffian is getting ready to go to California for another big Dog Show. I hope he wins more points at this show, and this time, I won't be able to go and support him.
Ruffian half peeing and half pooping at my apple tree.
When we got to Loc Aire, the property was sited very beautifully on the water beyond the cliffs. The sight was beautiful. We could hear many Airedales in the kennel, but we didn't get to go into Jan Mell's house. Jan Mell is the owner of LocAire Kennel. What I did like about her property was that she had this bird bath drinking station. I thought it was cool. I loved it.
See my glee? I love water drinking stations for the birdies. They take baths in these things too. My nanny Lydia has one in her garden as well, and I loved drinking from it too.
I'm gazing at the beautiful cherry blossoms on the tree. Poor Ruffian on the other hand was being groomed and primped.
For me, I was just exploring the pretty trees, hiding in the bushes, and having fun, just as any Airedale would.

Finally, Ruffian was done with his primping and grooming, and had time to come explore with me. We sniffed trees, played a bit of chase, and peed.
Ok, we're ready for the drive back home. Let's go.
In June, Ruffian heads to Long Beach for the dog show ring again, I wish him all the best of luck, and I hope he shows the judges what he's made of. Go Ruffian!!



At 4:54 PM, Blogger Rosey said...

Hi Kimi and Sheila...I am so sorry to hear about your torn paw...and so is your bro Ruffian...he thinks that must hurt really bad! Just wanted to write and say I will be off on Tuesday for Sacramento. Flying down all by myself. Pretty scarey! Mom is the really nervous one, I really don't know what she means about flying....Ms Amy said I'll be, I'm sure I will be! Keep healing and wearing those boots!
Da Ruff....


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