Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gardening Veges

Being an Airedale means that I have to be involved in EVERY single thing that the humans in my pack are doing. So if they are out on the property planting in our veges for the year, I've got to stick my nose into every hole to make sure everything is right.
Rob took out the rotor tiller, and all the rakes, spades, dung, and tools, and again, it was such an awesome fun day for me, sticking my nose here, there, and everywhere. So many new sights and sounds, even though it was right here at home. The rotor tiller made a loud noise but I wasn't scared at all. I just stayed right next to it even when it was going.
I think Spring is finally here. It was sunny, warm, breezy and a perfect day to watch the humans slog it out, getting the earth ready for the seedlings. They had to toil the earth, weed the whole vege patch, and prepare the plots to put in the nice plants. They say that we're going to be eating them throughout this year.
Mum said I had to pose in the wheel barrow.... is this really necessary?
I just could not be kept away. I just had to be RIGHT there in the thick of it. Rob and Bruce kept saying I had to stay away from lying on the baby plants, and I did try to stay on the soil bits...I may have laid flat one basil plant...shhh
Bruce and Sarah were also busy helping to plant our food. Mum was also busy, but she also had to act as photographer, so she's hardly in any of the pictures. I had to make sure Sarah and Bruce were digging the holes right. It was quite amazing that I didn't feel compelled to dig any holes. I just left it to the humans to dig. They sometimes didn't do a good job, as I would have. But Mum and Rob didn't ask for my help, so I didn't offer to dig for them either. I could have done an excellent job, after all, I'm a terrier!!
Watching Rob dig a hole, mix in chicken dung, and plant in a pretty marigold.
Speaking about dung, in the middle of our field, Mum came across my own dung. She wanted to include this into my blog because this is good evidence of what happens to raw fed dogs' poop. It turns white, crumbly and powdery, and disintegrates with time, and Mum lets nature do the work. She hardly ever has to pick my poop up because it returns to dust.
Sarah and I both take turns, examining the rows we're digging.
After 4 and a half hours, the humans were still toiling and hard at work. Evening came upon us, but they were still slogging away. I was starting to get a bit drowsy.
So I laid my head down to rest for a little bit, and dreamy sleeps swept over me.
I didn't mind sleeping on the chicken poop mixed in with the earth, I loved the fragrance enveloping me. I made myself quite comfortable as you can see.
Hi Mum, I'm not scared of the noisy machine called the rotor tiller. Are you proud of me?
I took another nap right next to the noisy machine. But don't worry, it was turned off while I was napping, so nothing was disturbing me while I dreamed.
I had a great time hanging with my pack, trying to pretend I was busy. Living on acreage in the Northwest is great. I get to watch over my humans and every single seedling that went into the earth. Very soon, they'll grow big and tall, and we'll have food to eat. I'll have to patrol my veggie plots everyday, to make sure no critters and gophers eat our veggies.



At 4:45 AM, Blogger The Airechicks said...


You need to ask Mom & Rob for a piece of dirty of your own - so you can plant whatever you want & do some diggin also...

Bet they'd be jealous of your natural gardenin ability....

Can't wait to see your harvest....

Thank you for sharing...looks like you have everything & everyone under control and in line...what a GREAT SUPERVISOR you are!!!!!


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

We love it when mom and dad haul out our roto-tiller and plant the garden too, Kimi!
We can't believe you were brave enough to sit in the wheelbarrow! We would have never done that!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Moco said...

You have made us tired just looking at all the work you have done. How could those humans have gotten all that done without your help? You totally deserve a nap after that day. We are looking forward to seeing all the great vegetables you are going to harvest.


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