Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nail Grinding

In my honest opinion, nail grinding isn't the most pleasant thing to have done. Mum says this is way better for the hardwood floors at home, because even short cut nails have edges that can scrape and damage the floors so she's been doing this to me ever since she bought that darn drill. I just do my best to tolerate it, although I have to admit, I much prefer grinding to Nail cutting. Oh, the dreaded nail cutter. Fortunately, I haven't seen any blood, but I hear all my doggie friends tell me their horror stories about that dreaded manicure procedure.
This is my drill, which Mum uses to grind my nails. We do it out on the balcony, so the nail dust doesn't get onto the nice furniture or carpet in our house. She said she bought it at Lowes, after realizing that it doesn't draw blood like the nail cutter does. Also, it keeps my nails nicely rounded, without any of the sharp edges of cut nails. The other nice thing about having nails done, is that I get a tonne of treats. With every nail done, if I don't struggle too much, Mum rewards me with a nice jerky treat and lots of praise.

This is a close up view of my 'before grinding' nails. They are long ("but not that long Mum") and my Mum likes nails short and tidy. So here goes.
Close up view of my long nails.
The trick about nail grinding is this - the grinder should only lightly touch all around the end of the nail. And the human needs to hold and support the paw pad and 'toe' firmly (as shown above), so the toe doesn't move all around as the grinder comes in contact with the nail.
Humans should grind one nail at a time, until the soft white inner portion is seen. Then it is time to stop. That nail is done.
Picture showing the 'before and after' difference. Notice how there is no rough sharp edge on a 'grinded' nail. It is all beveled around.
Both nails now done.

Now, one foot is done, we move on to the next.
A view from the bottom.

Nicely done Mum. I've got nails and foot pads to be proud of. Mum says, short nails contribute to a healthy paw, and a healthy paw leads to good foot structure, which would then aid in proper gait and posture.


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Oh my, it looks sooo scawie! My mommy never cuts any of my nails becoz they are soft & they get grinded by the rough roads. Since the day I came to live with them until two years later, she has not once cut my nails! I'm sooo lucky I have soft nails or else, I would also have to suffer the same treatment as you & my sistas! Unfortunately, my sistas' nails have to be cut as they are hard & they grow fast...Faith's nails cannot be cut too short becoz her nails & paws were made to grip the ground for sharp turning when she runs. If you watch her running at sooper high speeds, you can see her doing very sharp turns & non of us can do it as good as her. Dalmatian's nails should be left long but not too long ofcourse...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

At 1:50 AM, Blogger Harry said...

Gosh Kimi, that post is making me come over all funny! You see, my old family never got me used to having my feet touched and worked on and consequently I wriggle and grummbe LOTS when they are touched now. Ma knows how important it is to get puppies used to having stuff done to their feet, so Cassidy has had hers held and played with from day one. Ma and pa are working on desensitising me and I am better, but I think it will take a while to change my mind after almost 11 years.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Maggie & Mitch said...

I'm wierd about anyone touching my feet and I get scared and refuse to let mom nip at my nails! Mitch is tolerant when he's calm and sleeping but he's hardly ever calm! Mom says that maybe we need to look into this dremil. That's quite a lot of nail that got removed at one shot! Thanks for posting this, Kimi!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Kimi Wagner said...

Hi friends,

Every single day, Mum is playing with my feet. She said, there is a rumour going around, that terriers, especially us Airedales, HATE having feet touched, simply because we were bred to hunt vermin, relying on what else, but our precious feet. Somehow or rather, we terriers just hate feet being touched, so since day 1, she's had to de-sensitize me by flicking my nails and loading me with treats whenever the dremel comes close. When I hear the buzzing sound of the dremel, I know, dremel = treats.

He He He. Actually I just act weird so that she feeds me more treats. Harry I am glad your parents are so patient and understanding, you are so blessed to have good humans.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger erin said...

Kimi, your mum makes it look so easy! I hate having my feet touched and I hate having my nails cut. I've been hearing my humans talk of this grinding thing a lot lately. Maybe they plan on trying this on me? Oh no, I hope not!

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Neko said...

The groomer who cuts my hair uses a dremel too. It makes for clean manicure. Love,Neko

At 12:21 AM, Blogger mom said...

Gee wee, your mom did a nice job. But my grandma never once cuts my nails. She just let me scratch the ground as long as I like especially after I pi or pu. But sure I mess up her nice white carpet. I like to scratch the carpet not on purpose but to stretch when I yarn. But I am glad my grandma not grinding my toe nails. I hope she never gets to see this article which I am sure will be giving her an idea.


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